The Proven System to Eliminate Inflammatory, Autoimmune and Chronic Health Conditions
(Even If Other Methods Have Failed)
In This Training I'll Be Revealing...
Discover The True Causes
How to discover the true root causes of inflammatory and autoimmune conditions and why doctors miss this...
It's Not One Size Fits All
Why cookie-cutter approaches, protocols, and fad diets will never bring true and lasting results....
Balance Naturally
How to balance the immune system naturally without medications or depleting protocols…
Avoid Costly Time
How to avoid costly and time consuming mistakes while removing years of guessing and confusion...
Eliminate Fatigue
How to eliminate fatigue to feel energized and start living life again...
Bloodwork Is Not Enough
Why traditional blood work is never enough to resolve these health condition...
How To Stop Guessing
Learn the real principles of health and stop relying on Dr. Google...
Optimize Your Health
…AND the most clinically effective strategic way to optimize health…
Presented By
Dr. Crystal Whisler
Functional Medicine For Life is an advanced health care practice specializing in functional and lifestyle medicine. Working in integrative healthcare for over 19 years, Dr. Whisler has been helping people resolve inflammatory, autoimmune, and chronic health conditions naturally, restoring health and vitality. 
"My commitment is to provide insightful solutions to your entirely unique biochemical, metabolic, and genetic imbalances. We dive deep into your case using functional diagnostic laboratory assessments to analyze, understand, and restore your health for good!"
Dr. Crystal Whisler
Dr. Whisler gave me the ability to enjoy life and dream again!
When I first met with Dr. Whisler, I had been suffering from debilitating fatigue, headaches, joint pain, and extreme brain fog for years. I had previously met with a number of other functional doctors, but my health continued to deteriorate. My worst fear was quickly becoming a boys were growing up without their father. I began to believe no one would be able to help me. When Dr. Whisler found the root cause of my symptoms, I regained hope! She patiently guided me through the ups and downs of recovery. Today, my headaches and joint pain are completely gone and I now have more mental and physical energy than I ever thought possible! Dr. Whisler gave me the ability to have more mental and physical energy than I ever thought possible!
David Hodge
Dr. Whisler is brilliant at finding the tough stuff and helped me zero in on what I was dealing with after months and months of searching. After extensive tests, she diagnosed it and put me on a comprehensive protocol which was successful and the key to my health challenges! Thanks Dr. Crystal!
Are You Ready To Renew Your Health?
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